Carry Fire

New Record by Robert Plant


Dagaz to Dagaz Days

After some time of hardship, to concentrate and the lack of privacy, all got finally better. His divine presence was more than noticeable and manifested in the row of 10 continuous days.
Each morning I usually pick and place three runes in a row. I assign the functions for each position per need, before I pick runes from the bag.
Past Friday, on 22nd, I drew a trio of bloodstone runes, set I always use, and a trio from my new apple wood runes, the set I recently made. I threw the rune dice too. Rune Dagaz came in same position in both draws, and on dice too. This very same way Dagaz manifested itself six days later, on Wednesday, twice in same position for the runes drawn, and turned up on dice too.
The days between these two drawings were amazing, as far as for Loki’s presence, and also marked with various signs and messages. The last sign was double acorn cup which fell to the car through the roof window. It hit my husband on the head and landed right next to me, as we were pulling from the driveway. I looked up the symbolic of acorn:
The acorn symbolizes strength, and power, perseverance and hard work. Acorn, just as the oak is sacred, and is connected to deities of thunder and lightning, like Thor, and deities who interact with mortals. Druids believed that when mistletoe grew in an oak tree it was magical and sacred.
I took the picture of the fallen piece, and as I did it got me: It looked like Dagaz.


I don’t say much, but this doesn’t mean I do nothing at all. This year I collected the wishbones. I saved them from the chickens cooked for dinner, cleaned them, dried them, and sanded them smooth.

I painted a few wishbones gold, and used them to decorate Loki’s old shot glass, which now holds some beach pebbles and old coins.

Wishbone is believed to ‘grant’ wishes.
Etruscan and Roman oracles used to dry the bird’s collarbone in the sun.
They did not to break it, they stroked the wishbone while making a wish. To touch the sun dried wishbone at any time one wants to make a wish is still common in Italy. Breaking the dried collarbone of a chicken was a British tradition. Pilgrims in the New World adapted the custom and used the turkey. Two people grasped each one end of a wishbone and made a silent wish as they pulled on the bone until it broke. The person who got the larger piece would get their wish, the lucky break.

I don’t use the wishbones for an oracle or making the wishes.

Originally I only wanted a bone added to collection made to honor Hel.
Now nine wishbones, one for each World, formed a circle-arch inside of the jar filled with rose petals and a few other objects.

For Loki

July for Loki
In back of my head
Morning plans gone by
Before the setting sun
I didn’t do much for Him
In July to show
This year or the last
Same as same
Only this bracelet
The new one
Made on July the first
I named it Rattlesnake
It coils around my wrist
And it is the one I don’t take to bed

In Dreams

visitor-numbers visitor-cards

A candy-colored clown they call the sandman
 tiptoes to my room every night
Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper
 “Go to sleep, everything is all right”
(Roy Orbison “In Dreams”)

Not exactly but very very close…..

* * * * * * * * *

Loki Narrow det I was tempted.
To delete this blog,
for lack of words and enthusiasm.
It would be easy, no doubt,
would I be done with it also in life.
However, I’m very much stuck
in the hole one, or perhaps two,
as I was when I opened it.
2016 path was the gravel and ash road,
but Loki was on it with me.
And these are my words of thanks.