5 comments on “A Lament Over the Transformation of the Beast

  1. I had the same reaction when the Beast changed into the Prince. I understand that you love someone and will stand by them even when they change…. but I found that his character was more himself when he was Beast and not the vain prince whom was handed everything to him. I could so go on about fairy tales. love them too. [I grew up on the Grimm Fairy Tales] ❤

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    • This, yes, and also that first we find something we love and then instead to better understand we try to change it, which may destroy what we loved in the first place.
      When I was expecting a baby, the first and most important thing I bought was 12 volumes of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books……

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      • Yes~ No matter the relationship it’s about growing together and strengthening. If one changes that’s fine because we support each other but it should also be about showing the real us. Omg, I approve so much. I love to reading them to my astral kids a lot. They enjoy the tales so much. I even sometimes read them to the dragon hatchlings. They have such interesting morals, symbolism, and depth. It’s so intriguing to me.

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