13 comments on “Younger Loki

  1. The Loki on the bottom with the red blond hair is how he appeared to me in my vision, eating his offering I left. Curly short hair and all. I called out to him from my mind. I startled the crap out of him and he fled. I don’t think he was aware that my consciousness was that aware

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  2. He was also wearing this Santa hat (I had a miniature of one I’d left on my altar, not meant to be an offering. Apparently he liked it so I gave it to him. And apparently he likes Wendy’s chili

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    • Wearing Santa hat! Playing Odin? Or Odin in disguise as Loki in Santa’s hat. ….. over-complicated, but Odin is never simple, nor is Loki, to think of it. So, Wendy’s Chili you say! 😋


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