6 comments on “July , One for Loki

    • Handsome as usual. The cunning tilt of the head. Yeah, he’s a charmer and in my opinion of the Norse Pantheon: The Best of the Best. I may soon be tinkering with the old forum. Unless it’s become a nightmare to update and get running. I still get requests for that forum. Not sure what will happen. I tried to log in and it said wrong username or password. I don’t think I deleted my account two years ago otherwise only Amber would be getting those requests. (Usually in junk folder.)
      Lovely art, as usual.

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      • Thank you, Chris, and yes, Loki is the best.
        Sometimes I miss the forum, it was great place to stop by while it was running. When there is a new post I still get notifications, I think I do. I will try to log on, it has been a while. I think you will figure out how to get there, I’m not good at web and social sites, I know less than basics.
        Thanks again, for looking and all! 🙂

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  1. The website is still friendsofloki.forumotion.com

    I’m fairly certain your username is still Moon Rouge. In the notification, at the bottom is a link to reset password if you forgot it or ot won’t work.
    I hope to see some of the old friends there. It was so much better than memes and like buttons.

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    • I got in late last night, the browser ‘new’ my passwords, on third try it was a match and no problem after that. I think I used to ‘talk’ too much there. You are right, every place else I go for mr.smiley and like buttons.


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