11 comments on “Loki Rides

    • Thank you, again so very much, I’m touched by your response!
      Also, I didn’t know this song, or the group. Wow!
      At first, when I saw the word ‘Sieben’, I thought it was the song of the same name by FAUN. I love that song and the FAUN band. But then I thought why the title says Loki Rides Again, and I should better listen to it.
      What a surprise! Thank you!

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      • Sieben has made some songs about Loki. For example this (it’s very beautiful)

        I don’t know what you did while you made this picture but I think it is SO MUCH Loki how I see him. It’s the first time someone did this. There are hundreds of “nice” artworks of him out there. But your’s is really amazing to me. The dynamic in it and the energy are amazing. Your really should make more art of him.

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      • I plan to take a good look and listen to more of Sieben. For the picture, I don’t know the words to thank you enough. I made the first sketch about 3 years ago, then put it on the back burner until this summer. It went through series of changes. I’m happy with the result, and I’m happy for what you said about it. I have a few pics in works, but I work slow.

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    • I don’t know how to thank you, and I’m happy to see you are still around! Loki is with me, but I’m in some kind of ditch. Last June I got hit by car while walking, spent some time in hospital with broken leg, and ended up with metal plate, got home on wheel chair. I’m much better now, walking a bit again, but somehow I cannot concentrate much for long. It was Odin who helped me through the worst pain. A few times Odin was the one to ease my physical suffering. Loki comes and goes, but unfortunately it is me who is often useless or distracted for much more. Rocky road, curved path.

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      • Yes, Odins was also much more present here with me. Loki was in the background. My last year was rough too but not on the physical level. Depressen and shit (not because of the big C).
        Yes, I am still here but I don’t know what to write about or if I should write at all. As you said: rocky road, curved path. Maybe it would be too boring for us if it was easy :-p

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